High quality, pre-configured multiviewer (up to 64 x 4)

Pre-configured for simple and easy installation, Kaleido-MX is available in a wide choice of configurations for high-end TV production requirements in studios and outside broadcast trucks. Kaleido-MX offers reduced power consumption and a lightweight, compact design that's ultra-quiet and runs cool. With its advanced scaling technology, Kaleido-MX offers best video image quality as well as full layout flexibility to assign "any source, anywhere" with no bandwidth limitations. Kaleido-MX provides hot swappable modules and power supplies for robust performance in the harshest environments.

For modular flexibility and performance, see Kaleido-Modular-X

Key features and benefits

  • Unmatched image quality
  • Unmatched multiviewer picture quality and superior on-screen graphics, for the most critical monitoring applications and high-end TV production requirements
  • Simultaneous HDMI and SDI outputs at full 1080p 50/60 Hz resolution on up to four multiviewer displays
  • Input signal processing up to 3 Gbps signal formats
  • Robust and serviceable design
  • Unique Auto-Recovery feature provides fast automated recovery after a "cold" spare is inserted into the frame
  • Hot swappable modules and power supplies
  • 1RU and 3RU frame models with quiet cooling
  • Multi-room, multi-user oriented
  • A single Kaleido-MX multiviewer can be used to share sources across multiple rooms or operator positions, with fully independent displays, audio monitoring and control panels dedicated to each operator
  • Seamless control across multiple multiviewers
  • Kaleido multiviewers can be "mixed-and-matched" with others to create a seamless monitoring system across a facility
  • Choice of multiple control options such as standalone RCP-2/ RCP-200 panels, integrated with router control systems and panels, iControl and third-party control systems
  • Superior layout flexibility
  • Ultimate level of layout flexibility, with unlimited signal repetition and sizing across all displays, without blocking, grouping restrictions or bandwidth restrictions
  • Router and Switcher Integration
  • Kaleido-MX offers rich integration with NVISION router family, and third-party routers and production switchers for tally and label/alias source management.
  • Multiple multiviewers can be controlled from a single control panel
  • Scalable for the largest systems
  • Virtually limitless multiviewer system expansion with upstream NVISION router
  • Can create combined multiviewer/router system with 1152 video inputs, 288 multiviewer outputs