Telecast Fiber Solutions

Fiber optic systems for television broadcast production and other high performance video and audio communications

Miranda's Telecast series connectivity solutions are the industry standard for moving HD video and audio from your camera locations to your control room, through your facility or around a remote production site. Easy to deploy, and offering high-bandwidth connectivity, Miranda allows you to say goodbye to heavy, distance-limited, labor-intensive copper connections and say hello to lightweight, versatile and cost-effective fiber optics.

Uncompromised camera connectivity

Any camera or camcorder easily becomes fiber-connected with a CopperHead camera mounted transceiver. With lightweight fiber, setup and teardown is simplified, saving money and resources for mobile production and live on-sites. Our field-proven, modular systems provide two-way video, audio, intercom and data transport via efficient and versatile fiber optics. Miranda's range of fiber solutions delivers HD video and other signals long distances throughout a venue and back to a broadcast truck or fixed studio.

Get closer with remote controls

Bi-directional video and data controls are easily handled remotely using transceiver technology to control your high quality robotic cameras. Use T-POV transceivers to lower your operational and production costs and get closer to the action with easy-to-mount Point Of View robotic cameras.

Manage your fiber wired facility

Today's technical requirements inside sports arenas, entertainment parks and multi-venue college campuses demand future-proofed solutions for everything from HDTV broadcast production to in-house monitors and big-screen displays. Miranda's fiber transport solutions leverage your fiber optic infrastructure and adapt to expanding bandwidth requirements using an advanced range of multiplexing transceiver platforms. Multiple signals from sound systems, radio booths, microphones and a virtually limitless number of cameras are easily managed through a single Miranda interface. Miranda’s Telecast series helps arena managers and sports teams enhance their in-house entertainment capabilities to keep fans in the game.

Get in, get set-up and get going

with lightweight, easy to deploy fiber connectivity solutions like the Telecast CopperHead transceiver series.

Make sure your production is ready for anything!

Copperhead camera interface

Copperhead Pro CopperHead 3050 CopperHead 3200 CopperHead 3400

Copperhead overview


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CopperHead Fiber Optic Camera Transceiver

CopperHead Fiber Optic Camera Transceiver
CopperHead Pro CopperHead 3050 CopperHead 3200 CopperHead 3400