NVISION routing systems

Advanced router technologies saves on cost, space, power and weight

When major production facilities and broadcasters around the world want routing solutions that add value to their operations, they turn to NVISION routers. From the flagship NVISION 8500 Hybrid Router series down to the Compact series, the NVISION routers operate reliably, integrate smoothly and upgrade readily to larger configurations and the latest capabilities. Large or small, each NVISION router incorporates design approaches that provide unparalleled signal integrity.

Lower capital costs

NVISION routers achieve outstanding efficiencies by integrating high-level functionality within a smaller space. The NVISION 8500 Hybrid Routers lead the way with Dynamic Hybrid Pathfinding. Through this exclusive Miranda technology, NVISION 8500 Hybrid Routers perform audio processing across all the video inputs when only a small portion of the matrix is equipped with I/O and crosspoint cards capable of audio processing. Dynamic Hybrid Pathfinding automatically routes signals via the audio processing modules, under manual or automatic control.

Ongoing OPEX savings

NVISION 8500 Hybrid Routers handle audio and video routing without additional audio de-embedders and embedders, minimizing audio-to-video latency and ongoing system maintenance. Integral audio processing also simplifies control while saving space, power and weight.

New Levels of product integration

As part of Miranda's commitment to continuing higher-level integration, the NVISION 8500 Hybrid Router now offers a new frame sync card. Traditional applications required eight processing cards if eight frame synchronizers were being used. Now, the NVISION 8500 offers eight frame sync inputs on a single card, with 3Gbps, HD and SD all supported on the same module.

Big Features in Small Packages

For production vehicles and other space-constrained applications, NVISION offers a wide range of future-proof routing solutions, including the new NVISION 8140, that are smaller, weigh less, consume less power and operate more reliably than typical compact routing solutions.

Routing throughout the Facility

NVISION routing systems streamline operations and lower operating costs by easily routing signals throughout the facility, interconnecting with multiviewers, signal processors, master control switchers and production switchers.

Outstanding signal quality and direct fiber interfaces

NVISION routers simplify signal management through a unified control system and fewer control panels. Through high density connectors, audio concentrators and direct fiber connectivity (1310 nm or CWDM wavelengths), NVISION routers provide lower return losses and even support longer coaxial cable runs.

Systems that grow with your requirements

NVISION routers and router control systems integrate readily with legacy third-party routers and control systems, easing the transition to 3Gbps/HD. Add NVISION systems where you need them first, and steadily add new capabilities later with minimal disruption and cost.

Ultimate routing system resilience

Designed for demanding 24/7, mission-critical operations. NVISION Enterprise Class routers feature full power supply, controller and crosspoint redundancy. With small failure blocks and hot swappable modules, NVISION routers operate reliably while making it easy to keep them online if service should be required.