iControl Audio/Video Fingerprints

Lip sync error detection, audio/video delay measurement and content mismatch alarming

iControl Audio/Video Fingerprint Analysis allow detection and measurement of lip sync errors as well as alarming on unexpected signal delays and audio/video content mismatches. Whether the signals are local or distributed over remote locations, iControl collects fingerprint data generated by miscellaneous Miranda probes and processors and forwarded over IP networks to detect the presence of lip sync errors and accurately measure actual delays. Should errors occur in the routing and distribution of signals, fingerprints can also contribute to the detection of the un-expected audio or video content. Audio/Video Fingerprints can be used to complement multichannel playout monitoring, remote signal monitoring and most system configurations supported by iControl.

Key features and benefits

  • Powerful lip synchronization detection and alarming
  • Real-time computation of fingerprints from multiple signals
  • Powerful lip sync delay analysis
  • Detection of up to ± 4 s of delay
  • Delay measurement with a ± 2 ms accuracy
  • Versatile content comparison and mismatch alarming
  • Video content mismatch based on motion
  • Audio content mismatch based on audio levels
  • Allows users to define the area of the video frame that will contribute to video fingerprints, providing maximum flexibility in defining content comparison settings
  • Mismatch is detected in a matter of seconds, allowing operators to quickly respond to un-expected conditions
  • Multisignal, multisite, multiformat monitoring
  • Collects fingerprints from multiple Densité modules, including:
  • ADX-3981: 3Gbps/HD/SD 8 AES audio and Metadata de-embedder
  • AMX-3981: 3Gbps/HD/SD 8 AES audio and Metadata embedder
  • EAP-3901: 3Gbps/HD/SD embedded audio processor
  • EAP-3101: SD embedded audio processor
  • HCO-1822: 2x1 HD/SD/ASI change-over
  • HLP-1801: HD/SD lip sync probe
  • XVP-3901: 3Gbps/HD/SD up, down and cross converter with audio processor
  • Supports lip sync monitoring across multiple key signal formats
  • Multisite support: fingerprints can be collected from multiple locations, and can be compared centrally or across multiple sites
  • Signal groups can be defined for more effective monitoring across complex networks
  • Accurate measurement and extensive alarm management
  • User-selectable alarm thresholds
  • Provides accurate lip sync error measurement in milliseconds
  • Alarms and measurements can be forwarded to Kaleido multiviewers
  • All alarms can be captured by the powerful iControl log viewer
  • Detected alarms can also be configured with the iControl alarm management, for email notification, SNMP alarming and other automatic action triggers
Lip Sync

For more information about Densité interfacing modules with fingerprint generation, see: 

ADX-3981 3Gbps/HD/SD 8 AES audio and Metadata de-embedder
AMX-3981 3Gbps/HD/SD 8 AES audio and Metadata embedder
EAP-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD embedded audio and Metadata processor
EAP-3101 SD embedded audio and Metadata processor 139
EdgeVision Multichannel, Quality of Experience monitoring
HCO-1822 HD/SD/ASI change-over with clean switch and ALC
HLP-1801 HD/SD lip sync probe
XVP-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD up, down and cross converter with optional audio processor