IT-based automated playout for multi-format content delivery

Miranda's iTX is the world’s most advanced, integrated playout platform for broadcast television. It transforms your playout operation into an efficient, scalable well-oiled machine with no compromises in quality, flexibility or control. iTX rewrites the traditional cost of ownership model with a solution that’s so much more than just a channel-in-a-box, delivering the resilience and performance demanded by world class television facilities. With more than 1500 channels on-air around the world.

Reduced cost of ownership

iTX substantially reduces CAPEX and OPEX for television facilities by replacing proprietary broadcast playout and processing hardware with enterprise-level IT servers running highly-integrated software applications. How does this result in savings?

Uncompromised playout performance

Integrated playout is not just for specialty channels. In fact, iTX is ideally suited to the exacting standards of primetime television. The reduced number of devices in the workflow, combined with native YUV processing, ensure superb quality. And flexible, multichannel audio processing and the industry’s widest selection of multilevel graphics capabilities let you create a viewer experience that’s second to none..

Streamlined, end-to-end workflow includes

  • Ingest
  • Content management
  • Audio/Video processing
  • Transmission control
  • Traffic interface
  • Branding
  • Subtitle insertion
  • Archiving
  • Monitoring
Your iTX workflow can include a range of elements

Future proof, space saving and scalable design

xIn traditional playout solutions, each channel requires devices from multiple vendors, creating deployment, maintenance and control complications. iTX removes these concerns by using IT servers that handle multiformat video playout, signal processing, video/audio mixing, graphics, subtitles, Metadata insertion, and Nielsen audience measurement all in a single device. The result is savings in space and power and increased protection against obsolescence by simply taking advantage of ongoing CPU/GPU developments in IT hardware. The simplified system design also allows much faster deployment of new facilities, additional channels and services. Fully featured iTX channels can be operational in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days.

Enterprise-level software, services and World Class Support

iTX offers the peace-of-mind benefits you'd expect from an enterprise-class software platform, sophisticated upgrade management and version control are included along with detailed system health monitoring. To fully support iTX installations worldwide, the company also offers a wide range of MirandaCare services for project management, training and 24/7 technical support.

Integrated Playlist-Aware Playout Monitoring

Easily view what's happening in your playout workflow
iTX is pre-configured for tight integration with Miranda’s iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring platform. This state-of-the-art signal and network monitoring system enables playout operators to query and monitor the health of up to 100 iTX channels. The iControl GUI presents alarms from iTX, and also provides automatic pop-ups of iTX health and media management tools.

Integrated Vertigo XG

Miranda has harnessed the power of its acclaimed Vertigo XG HD/SD graphics processor and embedded it at the heart of the iTX output server. Ideal for program junctions, tickers, school closings, social media interaction and any other real-time graphics requirement. And, because Vertigo XG resides within the same 1RU iTX output server, deployment and integration hassles are non-existent.

iTX Render Service for Adobe® After Effects®

Miranda's integration of Adobe® After Effects® in iTX allows you to author complex graphics “templates” using Adobe® After Effects®, the industry standard graphics tool. Simply author the templates you require and iTX Render Service will automatically create multiple instances of the graphic. Jobs and makelists can be based on the needs identified in your schedule, creating dynamic graphics rendered by Adobe® After Effects®.
The iRS system creates proxies of all graphics to allow promo staff to review and approve graphics ahead of air using a standard Web browser. Adobe® After Effects® graphics can be enabled on any iTX channel and is easily added to existing iTX deployments in the field.