Kaleido-Solo simplifies loudness monitoring and helps comply with the CALM Act

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High quality video and loudness monitoring with 3Gbps/HD/SD SDI to HDMI conversion

Kaleido-Solo is a compact, standalone 3Gbps/HD/SD SDI video to HDMI converter, which allows low cost LCD displays to be used for video and loudness/dialnorm monitoring. It's ideal for many professional monitoring applications, including production, mobile truck, post-production and broadcast.

The converter allows operators to monitor loudness and dialnorm levels accurately over time, using an history graph overlay, without the cost and complexity of a traditional loudness monitoring device. Kaleido-Solo also provides overlays for markers, Time Code, dynamic UMD (Under Monitor Display), AFD and ALM (Audio Level Meters). To simplify embedded audio monitoring, it provides two audio connectors to output S/PDIF and analog stereo of a 5.1 downmix, or any audio pair.

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