NAB 2011 Preview: Miranda launches highly automated headend and edge monitoring

Montreal, Canada, 2011-03-22

NAB 2011 Preview
North Hall, Stand N2515

Miranda Technologies has launched a highly automated, headend and edge monitoring solution for pay TV operators, which offers end-to-end signal path and QoE monitoring. This solution is based on three key new products, namely the iControl Headend facility monitoring system, the Kaleido-IP multi-viewer for IP video signal monitoring, and the EdgeVision set-top box probe and streaming encoder for Quality of Experience monitoring.

“Our new headend and edge monitoring system allows pay TV operators to reduce their monitoring costs, while increasing the effectiveness of their monitoring activities, all the way to the set-top box”, said Francois Gourvil, Senior Product Manager at Miranda. “The system also allows a faster and more precise response to any faults; this reduces the Mean Time to Repair, and contributes to an improved Quality of Experience.”

iControl Headend is a desktop facility monitoring system, which provides the most advanced, end-to-end video signal path and QoE monitoring. For large television distribution networks, it offers the ability to monitor thousands of channels and devices effectively, using rich graphical representations of the signal path and intelligent alarms management.

Operators can monitor a large number of television channels across wide areas of the network, using Monitoring by Exception to focus on those specific areas that require attention. The ability of iControl Headed to correlate, verify and visualize alarms from third party monitoring systems enables pay TV operators to be more proactive in delivering quality service to their customers.

Kaleido-IP is an IP video multi-viewer with dual outputs and advanced signal probing, which is used for displaying headend and streamed set-top box signals on a monitor wall. It enables headend facilities to monitor, visualize and verify audio/video quality issues at multiple points in their facilities.

Kaleido-IP operates with MPEG-2 and H.264 (HD/SD), and accepts up to 64 SD programs or 24 HD programs. This represents the highest number of simultaneous video and audio program decodes available in the industry. It also offers excellent picture quality and layout flexibility, as well as full scalability for the largest monitoring installations. The multi-viewer can be integrated tightly with Kaleido Baseband multi-viewers to create a hybrid multi-viewer system, with unrestricted mixing of IP and Baseband sources across multiple monitors.

EdgeVision is an advanced set-top box probe and streaming encoder, which integrates tightly with iControl Headend and Kaleido-IP to provide high performance monitoring at the edge. This allows pay TV operators to accurately see and hear the quality of signals received in viewers’ homes. EdgeVision performs detection of multiple video faults, including freeze, black and macro-block detection. It also provides audio probing, with monitoring of silence detection, overload, mono and out of phase, as well as loudness monitoring and alarming.

EdgeVision can provide both low-quality and high-quality audio/video streams, and this allows monitoring over a LAN or WAN, without a negative impact on network capacity. It can also operate as a standalone, desktop Quality of Experience monitoring system, using the EdgeVision Player multi-viewer.

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