NAB 2011 Preview: Miranda expands headend solutions with multi-program, IP transport stream automatic loudness control

Montreal, Canada, 2011-04-05

Miranda Technologies has expanded its range of headend monitoring and signal processing solutions with its new Axino multi-program, IP transport stream loudness control processor.

“Axino can perform high quality Automatic Loudness Control across dozens of HD/SD programs carried over IP”, says Marco Lopez, Senior Vice-President at Miranda. “It’s ideal for cable, satellite and IPTV operators, and can monitor and process the highest number of programs on the market, with individual control of each program. Axino is based on the same, proven processing that is currently performing loudness correction and monitoring on thousands of channels with Miranda’s modular Densité processors”.

The new processor addresses all common loudness problems using Automatic Loudness Control, including excessive channel-to-channel and program-to-program variation. For instance, when installed downstream of the advertisement insertion equipment, it will prevent excessively loud commercials, and will improve the quality of service for subscribers.

Axino can process multiple audio services, including Dolby Digital (AC3), from a single or multiple programs carried over IP. The audio services are extracted, measured, processed for loudness, and remuxed into the original program. The processor ensures that the audio loudness matches the desired target by constantly measuring the levels, using ITU-R BS.1770, and then applying real-time audio level correction. The result is a smooth and consistent audio loudness at all times, and across all television channels.

To assist with compliance, Axino logs measured loudness across all the processed channels. These logs can be viewed and the contents analyzed to identify any problematic audio segments. They can also provide proof of loudness monitoring and control activities.

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