Miranda’s production solution tackles cabling and audio/video timing issues for industry leader NRK’s new HD2 production truck

Montreal, Canada, 2011-06-16

Norway’s public broadcaster, NRK, has selected Miranda’s NVISION 8500 Hybrid embedded audio router, along with 10 Kaleido-X16 and three Kaleido-Modular multi-viewers, for its new HD2 production truck.

The new HD truck operates at NRK's most demanding and high profile sports events across Norway. It was used for the first time at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, in March 2011.

“Miranda’s NVISION Hybrid router is a very timely product, with the new truck handling a significantly higher number of audio channels for 5.1 surround”, explains Jon-Dag Skagmo, Project Manager for NRK’s HD2 Truck.

“With the signal processing performed within the router, we can better address audio/video timing issues like lip sync. We have also saved almost two racks worth of space by eliminating a separate AES router and dedicated embedders/de-embedders. The cable management is also improved significantly”.

The NVISION 8500 Hybrid router integrates de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding in a single frame. This means that everyday signal processing tasks, like swapping program audio tracks, can now be handled simply and elegantly within the router frame. Advanced Hybrid router cards with audio processing can be mixed with regular input and output cards to minimize costs.

The HD2 truck, which was built by Sony Professional Solutions, Europe, is also fitted with 10 super-silent Kaliedo-X16 multi-viewers and three space and energy efficient Kaleido-Modular multi-viewers for monitoring in the truck's production, audio and video areas using 15 large LCD displays.

“We’ve previously bought Kaleido multi-viewers for some of our production studios, and we’re now starting to utilize them on our trucks”, added Jon-Dag Skagmo.

The compact Kaleido-X16 multi-viewer features 16-inputs, and dual multi-viewer outputs, and offers the same high picture quality, extreme layout flexibility, and ease of use as the top of the range Kaleido-X processors. The Kaleido-Modular multi-viewer can provide up to 20 multi-viewer outputs per 3RU frame, and consumes less than 300 Watts per frame.
The HD2 truck also uses 20 Sony HD cameras on-board, including two super slow motion cameras and two RF cameras, as well as a Studer Vista 9 audio console.


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