3Gbps/HD/SD up, down and cross converter with optional audio processor

The award-winning XVP-3901 delivers all the essential video and optional audio signal processing functions on a single module. It offers up/down/cross conversion, with simultaneous 3Gbps/HD and SD outputs. There's also integral fiber I/O, full AFD support, and background keying.

The processor performs all the up/down/cross conversion, color space and aspect ratio conversion needed to maintain the chosen output formatting, irrespective of whether the input is 3Gbps (Level A or B), HD 1080i, HD 720p or SD.

High quality up/down/cross conversion is performed at both 50 and 59.94Hz, based on multiple sophisticated processing technologies. These include detail enhancement, pixel-based de-interlacing, and advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing and anti-ringing.

To ensure that the upconverted or downconverted video is delivered in the correct aspect ratio when aired, the XVP-3901 fully supports AFD. This provides automatic aspect ratio and video size control using embedded commands, and it prevents on-air aspect ratio errors such as the postage stamp effect.

A background keying capability allows side panels (or top and bottom panels) to be filled with graphics to improve on-air presentation.

A fiber input/output plug-in cartridge option significantly simplifies fiber installation and configuration. When the fiber cartridge is fitted, the card can select between fiber and BNC inputs and can ouput both electrical and optical signals simultaneously. The processor's audio capabilities are equally advanced, with processing of up to 32 channels of audio, with automatic delay to keep lip sync. The processor provides shuffling and down-mixing, and options include Automatic Loudness Control, dynamic processing (limiter, compressor, and expander), loudness metering, and four AES inputs/outputs for additional flexibility.

The XVP-3901 has 2 on-board sockets for optional modules, including Dolby E encoding, Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding, Dolby E / Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoding, and upmixing using Linear Acoustic upMAX™ technology. Miranda also offers two modules that provide Automatic Loudness Control (ALC). These modules feature award-winning technologies such as AEROMAX™ by Linear Acoustic and Level Magic™ by Jünger Audio which are both capable of maintaining constant loudness across different audio programs (see Automatic Loudness Control (ALC)).

There are many benefits to the XVP-3901's high level of feature integration. A lower purchase cost per channel is obviously highly desirable but there are many other dimensions to cost savings that are readily achievable. These include reduced space and cooling costs, less cabling, and a reduced spares inventory. By simplifying video and audio synchronization, and reducing the number of vendors, the system integration is also simplified significantly.

Key features and benefits

  • Video
  • Up/down/cross/ARC converter with frame sync (50/59.94 Hz)
  • Offers a multi-rate 3Gbps/HD/SD input and simultaneous 3Gbps/HD/SD outputs
  • Supports 3Gbps level A (mapping 1) and level B
  • Flexible HD/SD/URS reference input
  • Advanced video de-interlacing for best image quality
  • One frame of processing delay for all conversions
  • Automatic ARC using AFD (SMPTE-2016) , video index (RP-186) and WSS
  • Custom and fixed ARC presets
  • Keyer option for filling black pillars and letter box
  • Built-in Proc Amp with YUV/RGB color correction and legalizer
  • Processes and converts Ancillary data such as CC (608/708), Time Code and Teletext/OP-47
  • Inserts V-Chip and CGMS in XDS of CC (CEA-608)
  • Optional SFP optical plug-in cartridges to select between fiber and BNC inputs and ouput both electrical and optical signals simultaneously
  • Serial and GPIO ports for automation control
  • Dual fingerprint generation to monitor lip sync on SD and HD outputs
  • Optional audio
  • 16 channels embedded audio processing (32 channels internal)
  • 4 AES inputs, 4 AES outputs
  • Automation capabilities based on audio signal type detection
  • Audio Down mix: 5.1 surround to Lt/Rt or Lo/Ro
  • Optional audio dynamic processor (compressor/limiter/expander)
  • Optional Automatic Loudness Control with Miranda Wideband processing (on-board)
  • Optional Loudness measurement of up to 4 audio programs and logging with iControl for end-to-end loudness monitoring solutions
  • Loudness solution compliant to EBU R128, A/85 ITU-R BS.1770-3 and ARIB TR-B32
  • Dolby E compatible
  • Audio Metadata processing (SMPTE 2020-A)
  • Perfect audio/video sync plus additional audio user delay of up to 2 seconds
  • Compatible with Miranda audio processing cards using ABUS
  • Compatible with iControl end-to-end A/V fingerprint analyzer for lip sync measurement
  • On-board socket for 2 optionals modules expansions:
  • • Dolby E and Dolby Digital decoder
  • • Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus encoder
  • • Dolby E encoder
  • • Linear Acoustic upMAX‚Ñ¢
  • • Linear Acoustic AEROMAX‚Ñ¢ Automatic Loudness Control
  • Jünger Audio LevelMagic & Automatic Loudness Control
abus afd alc urs Lip Sync dolby loudness